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Taliban fighters took over Kabul within a few days; meanwhile, Ashraf Ghani left to fly to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Fighters captured the Presidential palace of Afghanistan after Ashraf Ghani flew to UAE. It became apparent earlier this week that the Indian GovernmentGovernment planned to bring back its officials from Afghanistan. Senior Afghani leader Sher Mohammad Abbas reached out to Prime Minister Narendra Modi with a surprise request. He wanted New Delhi to retain its diplomatic presence in Afghanistan. He conveyed the request informally as he is part of the leadership of the group’s political office at Doha shortly before India evacuated its 200 people, including diplomats.

Abbas is a Talibani negotiating team overall among leaders based in Qatar and has been critical of India’s role in Afghanistan. However, India is still in a wait-and-watch position, and it is waiting for the world’s topmost leaders’ response. He conveyed to the Indian his informal message that the group was aware of Indian concerns regarding security. The Government of India concerns regarding the security situation in Kabul following the group takes over on Sunday. It should not worry about the safety of its mission and diplomats in Kabul.

Taliban wants diplomatic relations with New Delhi.

Taliban is aware of Indian concern regarding the security situation in Kabul following its take over on Sunday. They further said, “Indians should not worry about the safety of its people in the Afghanistan Capital. India side has done A quick assessment, and its Afghan counterpart concluded that it could not take the request of the Taliban. The evacuation of the Indian diplomats and others should go ahead as planned.

The Indian GovernmentGovernment received an intelligence report before starting the evacuation of its people and diplomats. It does not want to compromise with the safety of diplomats and people living in Kabul.

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