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The death toll from the Turkish earthquake stands at more than 30 thousand on the seventh day. The Turkish Disaster and Emergency Management Authority announced that the death toll was 29,605 and 1, 47,934 had been evacuated. The Syrian institution said that the death toll was 5 thousand, and the numbers are expected to reach 7,000. Meanwhile, 2,400 aftershocks have occurred since the first quake hit the country early Monday morning. Today, the rescue teams managed to pull out many people trapped under the rubble in several locations. However, hopes for survivors are dwindling.

Turkish President Erdogan promised to finish removing the rubble as soon as possible.

However, the Civil Defense in northern Syria announced the end of rescue operations. The Euro-Mediterranean Seismological Center announced that 70 earthquakes were recorded ranging between 3 and 4.7 degrees on the Richter scale. Turkish President Erdogan promised to finish removing the rubble as soon as possible and to start the process of rebuilding the damaged cities.

In northern Syria, people are facing more complex conditions in light of the almost complete lack of international. However, the announcement of the entry of the first aid convoys provided by the United Nations and Turkey through the Bab Al-Hawa border. In parallel, international warnings rose about the possibility of the spread of some epidemics, especially cholera. World Health Organization (WHO) announced, that the number of people affected by the devastating earthquake reached about 26 million, distributed among 15 million in Turkey and 11 million in Syria

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