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The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has ordered telecom service providers to act quickly; to show a noticeable increase in the quality of service and the quality of the user experience, including 5G. The authority instructed telcos to analyze the call muting and one-way voice issues. It also instructed to take corrective action as soon as possible in a meeting with telecom operators. According to the TRAI, “TSPs should guarantee that there is the least amount of disruption or degradation of the quality of service (QoS) of existing telecom services when implementing the 5G network.

The government also instructed the TSPs to carefully track any instances of lengthy network failures.

The Unsolicited Commercial Communications (UCCI) threat includes intrusive calls and texts from telemarketers. It was discussed at a meeting held by TRAI with major mobile service providers. The meeting was intended to review issues related to the quality of telecom services that consumers are currently experiencing. The government also instructed the TSPs to carefully track any instances of lengthy network failures. Such disruptions hurt service quality and customer satisfaction. The telecom regulator stated that all telecom operators were urged to report any district or state-level failures to TRAI. Additionally, TRAI requested that TSPs develop and put into place systems for quality of service (QoS) benchmarks online data collection; as well as for processing that data to produce performance reports with Licensing Service Area, State level, or lower granularity.

This would make reporting QoS performance by TSPs simpler, which will ease the cost of compliance, it claimed. Two-thirds of Indians, according to a survey released earlier this week, receive three or more bothersome calls daily; with 50% of respondents saying these calls come from personal numbers. 45 percent of respondents said they receive 3-5 bothersome calls on average daily; while 16 percent said they receive 6–10 such calls daily, according to Local Circles, the survey’s creator. Around 60% of callers reported that they were being sold financial services, and 18% reported being sold real estate. However, 10% reported being offered a job/earnings opportunity. In the meeting, the TRAI requested telecom regulators to prevent some telemarketers from abusing Principal Entity (PE) Headers and Message Templates. As well as messages sent by unauthorized or unregistered telemarketers, including those who use telephone numbers.

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