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On 7 August 2021, Neeraj Chopra won India’s first Olympic Gold medal in Athletics. Chopra emerger top of the field in Javelin throw in the Tokyo Olympics. He sealed Gold for India with an 87.58 m throw; however, he did not even need to throw his personal best of 88.07m.

Neera Chopra was born in Haryana near Panipat. After watching his dedication towards sports, Neeraj’s father took him to Shivaji Stadium. He tried various other sports in the Stadium along with Javelin and eventually won gold for India. When he saw a few men throwing weapons, he wanted to try it too. When he threw it for the first time and realised that he was good at it, he started loving it more.

He burst into the limelight with a historic gold in the junior world championship 2016. He set a world record of 86.48m under 20. Other achievements include gold at the Asian Games and Commonwealth Games in 2018. Gold at the Asian Athletic championship in 2017 and gold at the South Asian Games in 2016.

The early career of Neeraj Chopra

At an early age, local children teased him about his childhood obesity. His father enrolled him in a gymnasium at Madlauda, later enrolled in a gym in Panipat. He also visited India centre’s nearby Panipat sports authority, where javelin thrower Jaiveer earned his early recognition. He was good at training and observing his ability to achieve a 40m throw without training, Chaudhry became his first coach.

Neeraj chopra gets his early training under Chaudhry for a year. Tau Devi lal sports complex in Panchkula was one of only two facilities in the state of Haryana. He trained under coach Naseem Ahmad, who trained him in long-distance running along with javelin throw. He soon increased his range and won 2012 junior nationals in Lucknow by achieving a new national record throw of 69 meters.

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