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Boost your Running Speed

We all run at a steady pace and might be looking to increase our speed. It helps to raise our strength, and don’t worry; you can run faster. Performing at a faster pace requires work, of course. It may seem daunting at the start. However, the consequences are beyond rewarding. Increasing your speed and rate might seem complicated for you at first, but slowly can tackle it. Use the following ways to improve your speed of running.

So, Want to Boost Your Running Speed? Follow These four steps:

The Warm-up

It is essential to warm up before intense workouts. Warming up generates heat and increases your range of motion, necessary for muscle, ligament and tendon elasticity. Your body can’t handle a load of an intense session without warming up properly, so make it a crucial part of the training! 

The Tempo Run

Long tempo runs are designed to train your body to go at faster tempos over some time. It allows you to create an oxygen debt and increases your VO2 max allowing you to go faster for longer distances. With long beats, you start with a warm-up of 15 minutes of easy running at a conversational pace. 


Intervals are short, intense efforts followed by a short recovery time. This type of training works all the energy systems and improves your speed, endurance, form, ability to burn fat, and even helps to improve your mental discipline. Your exertion should be a controlled, fast-paced effort followed by an easy jog or walking rest period with interval training.

Stride Frequency

The number of strides per unit of time. Increasing the number of strides is only effective if you can avoid reducing your stride length. It is easy for me to envision – increasingly short, choppy steps as they try to increase speed. Too fast, and you could end up slowing down, even though you increase your stride frequency.

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